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lifestyle. Sure, adventure exists in your activities, but it also is in your soul. Where and how you live, what you eat, and what you do with your family and friends are all elements of an adventurous life.
That’s why we are dedicated to sharing tips, tricks, stories, and secrets about not just how to best equip yourself, but how to best BE yourself.
We share information on how to train properly so you can be ready to do what you want to do. What are the best exercises to prepare you for hiking, climbing, skiing, or biking? What’s the best way to recover? We sift through all the self help mumbo jumbo and get you the best info and advice designed specifically to help you get ready for the adventures you choose.
Also, you have to eat. We help you choose the right fuel for your furnace. Food is critical – and really tasty. You have to pack the right food into your bag, and your belly. It’s not just cardboard-tasting energy bars, dehydrated astronaut food, protein shakes, and radical little cans of medicine water. Yeah, those things have their place, but so does real food like homemade veggie burgers, white bean hummus, unwrapped burritos, campfire pizza, and just the right beer for after a long hike. After all, life is meant to be enjoyed.

Who Is Earth Gear

Earth Gear is dedicated to providing you with the information you need to plan your adventure and accomplish your goals. Whatever you choose to do, you need the right ability, the right planning, the right nutrition, the right health, and the right gear.

Everyone has questions. What are randonee bindings and DIN settings? How many calories do you really need when hiking? SRAM or Shimano? What’s the difference between a cam and a nut? Down or synthetic? We answer all of them and even throw in our own Pro-Tips, like secrets to saving weight in your pack, eating delicious cold pizza on the trail, something called Body Glide, and packing your own mini espresso pot. I mean, we’re not soulless monsters.
The staff at Earth Gear are the ones out there living the adventures we talk about and using the gear we recommend. We stay up on trends and crunch the data so we can offer you multiple options on gear based on effectiveness, weight, cost, and more. We understand that not too many beginners need a $4000 pair of skis, but that doesn’t mean you don’t want the best gear for your specific style and adventure.

We do the research for you. Earth gear strives to offer you the best expert advice on the right equipment and techniques out there. Earth Gear experts give you our Top 3 gear choices for all the adventures we cover. We tell you what they are and why we chose them. If there is a better, lighter, or cheaper solution, you’ll know it. That’s our promise.
We do this to make you sure that when you go out into the outdoors, you have the confidence in yourself and your gear, all in so you can experience the adventure.

Opportunities for adventure are everywhere, and adventurous people are continuously pushing the boundaries of what is possible. We humans go everywhere and do everything, taking full advantage of what our beautiful Earth has to offer. Adventure is within reach, for everyone willing. In our ever-connected world, it seems everything has been tried, and shared. But adventure is personal. Everyone experiences distinct challenges, reacts to situations differently, and sees beauty in unique things. Even when it seems everything has been done, and every corner of the Earth reached, we at Earth Gear believe there are as many new experiences in our world as there are snowflakes in the mountains, grains of sand on the beaches, and trees in the forests.

Earth Gear is here to help you reach your own personal summits. Get out there. Push yourself and explore our Earth. Climb the Rocky Mountains. Journey through the massive untouched wilderness of Denali National Park in Alaska. Paddle on emerald waters and through the towering limestone islands of Halong Bay in Vietnam. Bike from coast to coast in New Zealand or hike to the bottom of the Grand Canyon. Even if your adventure is simply going for a trail run, doing yoga on the beach, or taking the family on a camping trip to a state park or to your backyard, adventure is everywhere and what you choose to make of it.

Earth Gear is founded by active outdoor enthusiasts who enjoy the thrill of adventure. Seeking out the challenging trips that give you the feeling of accomplishment. We work with some of the top guiding companies in North America who can give you the experience of a life time. Working with and testing the gear that makes the trip enjoyable and safe. We will provide you with the top three items in each category and give you the outlet to purchase the gear online. Fitness and nutrition are also two key elements of what every adventure requires. We have a staff of fitness and nutrition experts who provide helpful tips on getting into shape as well as what to eat before and during your trip.
Earth Gear offers brands creative content opportunities. To advertise or work with Earth Gear, please reach out to us at marketing@earthgear.com

Connect With Us

We at Earth Gear believe the adventure of the outdoors shouldn’t stop when you get home. The love of nature is in everything we do and everywhere we go. That’s why we also explore where and how we live, the best outdoor retreats, backyard utopias, home decorating ideas, and unique furnishings designed to reflect your feelings of adventure. Turn every day into an adventure.

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