Sandinavian Style

Scandinavian style interiors have really caught on lately due to its simplicity and functionality, the use of beautiful materials and focus on light and nature. While emerged in the 1950s in the five Nordic countries of Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Denmark the Scandinavian Style of design is a movement characterized by simplicity, minimalism and functionality. At the core the theme of Scandinavian design is that beautiful and functional everyday objects should not only be affordable to the wealthy, but to all.

Earth Gear has assembled a large variety of Scandinavian inspired furnishings and decorating elements to bring simplicity and functionality into your home.

Since the Scandinavian countries are further north and experience longs periods of darkness in the winter months. Scandinavian design has to be cleaner and rely on lighter tones to combat darkness of the evening. It often makes use of plastics, form-pressed wood, anodized or enameled aluminum or pressed steel. You often find a strong relationship with nature as design elements flow from abstract to natural. Scandinavian design is functional, reliable and durable. A popular style among minimalists, it doesn’t have to be adapted in full and works well with industrial and farmhouse pieces.