Home Decor by Style

Shop our curated selection of home décor by design style. Our homes are an extension of our personalities, and we have made it easy to find everything for your entire home. We’ve hand-picked unique items from dinnerware to pottery, throw cushions, furniture, area rugs, lighting and bedding.

Bohemian Style Design

The Bohemian style of design is perfect for those that love adventure. It’s a style that embraces a wide variety of texture and pattern and creates a space that is unconventional, bold, offbeat and exotic. Layer throws on sofas, hang tapestries and incorporate natural materials and global finds. Think of adding accessories such as geometric vases, beaded chandeliers, hand-knotted jute rugs, macramé, carved wood coffee tables, globes and maps. Fringes also work well in a Boho style home, as well as Middle eastern inspired décor.  With Bohemian design – there are no rules…[read more]

Farmhouse Style

You don’t need to live in the country to embrace country charm. The farmhouse style is casual, cozy, welcoming and nostalgic. Think of down-home country décor incorporating distressed finishes, handcrafted furniture, vintage accessories, treasured possessions and an eclectic mix of fabrics. Let your rooms evolve with genuine finds. With a gorgeous palette of crisp white, grays and neutrals the farm house style creates an easygoing rustic feel that brings to mind a lovely country cottage. Textures work well in bringing in these soothing hues. Think of random display of plates on the wall, as well as collections of farmhouse pottery…[read more]

Coastal Style

Coastal style is light, bright and breezy and instantly transports you to the calming sensation of walking along the beach. The palette is often drawn from the ocean, sky, sand and sea shells and combines marine blues with crisp whites.  Traditional furnishings work best with this style of design. The furniture should be elegant and upscale. Slipcovers can be used on sofas and chairs in classic white or cream and you can also mix it up with tailored stripes to add sophistication. Organic materials further enhance the coastal style. Natural flooring co-ordinates perfectly and seagrass and sisal add texture and dimension. Add rope, nautical balls and jute to create lighthearted appeal…[read more]

Earth Tone Style

Nature provides us with everything we need to entice our five senses. The fragrance of a pine forest, the soft feel of a mountain breeze, the sound of a spring awakening, the taste of ice cold glacial stream water, and the beautiful sight of it all combined. The warmth and peacefulness of nature comes from the simple pure beauty of it all. The richness of Earth Tone colors brings a sense of comfort and belonging. When you incorporate these tones into your home you create a space that will calm the trials of your day. It brings nature into your home and it will entice the five senses as if you where standing on a mountain trail….{more}

Modern Rustic Style

The Modern Rustic Style includes design elements once known as “kitsch” that represent eras of design using antiques and elements from nature alongside modern conveniences like low energy lighting and other modern design elements. Very popular in Southern California, Modern Rustic’s popularity has grown into a highly desired style among urban and rural home designs. Earth Gear makes your shopping easy by selecting some of the best Modern Rustic furniture and accent pieces from some of the top retailers. We make it easy to turn your home into a Modern Rustic living area…..{more}

Scandinavian Style

Scandinavian style interiors have really caught on lately due to its simplicity and functionality, the use of beautiful materials and focus on light and nature. While emerged in the 1950s in the five Nordic countries of Finland, Norway, Sweden, Iceland and Denmark the Scandinavian Style of design is a movement characterized by simplicity, minimalism and functionality. At the core the theme of Scandinavian design is that beautiful and functional everyday objects should not only be affordable to the wealthy, but to all. Earth Gear has assembled a large variety of Scandinavian inspired furnishings and decorating elements to bring simplicity and functionality into your home……{more}

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