Bohemian Style

The Bohemian style of design is perfect for those that love adventure. It’s a style that embraces a wide variety of texture and pattern and creates a space that is unconventional, bold, offbeat and exotic. Browse through an eclectic collection of Bohemian Decor drums, lighting, bedding, throws and pillows and much more.

Bohemian Style Decorating Ideas

Bohemian Decor: A “Bohemian” is denoted as “a socially unconventional person, especially one who is involved in the arts”. At one-time Bohemia was also a region of the Czech Republic called the “Kingdom of Bohemia” which existed before 1918. In more modern vernacular, Bohemian Decor makes reference to having a more unconventional style or taste. Whether it’s in clothing, art or design the Bohemian Style is one which is very distinctive and eclectic. It brings together elements of old and new, a vast array of colors and textures, unconventional items of furniture and art, as well as items of personal value from your travels. There is no standard template for which to work from. Every Bohemian Decor room is a piece of art created by whatever inspires its designer. It becomes a true reflection of the Bohemian within you.

Layer throws on sofas, hang tapestries and incorporate natural materials and global finds. Think of adding accessories such as geometric vases, beaded chandeliers, hand-knotted jute rugs, macramé, carved wood coffee tables, globes, and maps. Fringes also work well in a Boho style home, as well as Middle eastern inspired décor. With Bohemian design – there are no rules. It’s random and eclectic and full of unique accessories. Bohemian style is perfect for those who want to fill their homes with items that are carefree, relaxed and unusual.