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You know the urge. It can strike anytime, anywhere: the office, the dinner table, the hotel lobby. It’s the impulse to ditch the world of concrete, steel, and cul-de-sacs and get your wild on via the nearest trail into the brush. Here at Earth Gear, we’re no strangers to that urge—and we salute it. Whether a tried-and-true pair of hiking boots or an up-for-anything mountain bike is your preferred gear, we’ve got the inside tips for tracking down ready made adventure out on the trails. Here you’ll find roundups of the best hiking trails in every state (one of our ongoing projects), in-depth profiles of standout routes, and a whole treasury of trailside tips—from wilderness safety to backcountry meals…[read more]

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Every outdoors person has that bucket list of great, wished-for adventures, whether it’s written out and posted as daily inspiration or just floating around somewhere in the gray matter. Backpacking into a mythic wilderness, trekking to an archaeological treasure, clapping eyes on a landscape of legendary beauty: Adventure travel can take a little more planning and preparation than your average camping trip, but the rewards tend to be vivid memories worthy of a lifetime—and a whole passel of stories to share around your next campfire. Here you’ll find some bucket-list-worthy trips Earth Gear’s gathered practical—and inspirational—info about: rafting the Grand Canyon, hiking up to…[read more]


The pleasures of tenting it under the stars—or, heck, eschewing the tent altogether and just bedrolling it—run mighty deep. Pitching camp in a wild place, after all, is a tradition we human beings share, regardless of culture: It’s part of our common heritage. And maybe that’s why camping of any sort has that near-visceral appeal to so many. Setting up the tent, fetching water in the piney breeze, cozying up to a dancing fire (or a friendly little cookstove), fawning over sunrises and alpenglow and Milky Way splendor, counting owl hoots and coyote choruses from a toasty sleeping bag—what could be better?Here at Earth Gear, we’ve assembled loads of high-quality camping info…[read more]

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Sayulita Vacation

Crimson Skies of Sayulita If you are looking for an off-the-beaten-path travel destination, a great place to surf, reflect, rejuvenate, and soak up the sun then look no further than a Sayulita Vacation. This [...]

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Big Island Hawaii Things To Do

Big Island Hawaii Things To Do, A Journey of Beauty and Contrast The big island Hawaii has a history datable to 1,500 years ago when a small fleet of canoes landed on the island's [...]

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Climbing Mount Rainier

Climbing Mount Rainier Climbing Mount Rainier: At 14,411 feet, Mount Rainier—or Tahoma, as regional American Indian tribes called it—falls a little short of the loftiest Sierra Nevada and Southern Rocky Mountain peaks. You can [...]

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Iceland Adventure Travel

Iceland — The land of Fire and Ice Iceland Adventure Travel; Iceland is home to just under 325,000 people who live in a habitable area of 103,000 square kilometers. The largest city is the [...]

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Climbing Mt Baker

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Experiencing Joshua Tree National Park

Experiencing Joshua Tree National Park A few years ago while on vacation in Palm Desert, we made the decision to go for a drive and explore the surrounding area outside [...]

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Hiking Trail Shoes

Hiking & Trail Shoes - Earth Gear Review Altra Trail Shoes Prior to our trip to Sedona we were approached by Altra Running and offered shoes to test on the desert trails [...]

  • Sedona Arizona

Sedona Arizona

The Magic of Sedona Arizona We recently traveled to Sedona Arizona to experience first-hand the magical splendor of this beautiful community. We booked our flight and accommodations through TripAdvisor and were extremely pleased with our choice [...]

  • Sedona Hiking West Fork Trail

Sedona Hiking West Fork Trail

Sedona Hiking - West Fork Trail Situated in Oak Creek Canyon 10.5 miles north of Sedona along SR 89A, The West Fork Trail is one of the most beautiful Sedona hiking trails. [...]

  • Courthouse Butte Loop - Sedona Arizona

Sedona AZ Courthouse Butte Loop

Sedona AZ Hiking - Courthouse Butte Loop Near the Village of Oak Creek, the Courthouse Butte Loop is a pleasant 4.2 mile trail circling Bell Rock and Courthouse Butte. It is best to [...]

  • Hiking Sedona Brins Trail

Hiking Sedona Brins Mesa Outlook Trail

Hiking Sedona - Brins Mesa Overlook Trail If your looking to get out and turn your hike into a leg burning exercise, then you have to take the Brins Mesa Overlook Trail. The [...]

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  • Hiking Trail Shoes - Women's Altra Lone Peak 2.5

Hiking Trail Shoes

Hiking & Trail Shoes - Earth Gear Review Altra Trail Shoes Prior to our trip to Sedona we were approached by Altra Running [...]

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Fall Hiking Gear

The Best in Fall Hiking Gear Looking for information on fall hiking gear? No offense to the other seasons, but Autumn is the best [...]

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Building Core & Leg Strength

Guide to Building Core & Leg Strength Imagine walking 30 miles over a few days. No big deal, right? Now imagine walking 30 miles over [...]

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Cardio Training for Hiking

Useful Tips for Cardio Training for Hiking Hiking is one of the few outdoor activities that nearly everyone can do and only requires [...]

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Camping Glacier National Park

Camping Glacier National Park Information Camping Glacier National Park; Glacier National Park, together with the adjacent (and [...]

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Camping Yellowstone

Camping Yellowstone National Park Camping Yellowstone National Park; Yellowstone may well be the most famous national [...]

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