Best Cocktail Recipes

Have you ever wondered what the best cocktails are for entertaining your friends? Earth Gear has – and we thought we would bring the best cocktail recipes to you. But first we need to understand where these wonderful drinks come from. The word “Cocktail” is symbolic of relaxing and enjoying time with friends. The combination of two or more spirits with an associated non-alcohol liquid form a refreshing drink. They can knock you off your stool in the right quantities, however for most people who drink in moderation,  they are simply a delicious way to kick back after a long week….[read more]

Shop Lifestyle

Shop our curated selection of items for your home, including bar accessories, home decor, gifts and much more! There’s no better time than now to start thinking about Spring & Summer. From agrarian items that support a lifestyle of healthy living – connecting the virtues of the homegrown and homemade to your every day table, to live plants, gardening essentials, and do-it-yourself cheese-making kits. Find the latest in bar accessories, from bar carts, wine racks, champagne buckets, libation sets, wine glasses, barstools, bar cabinets to bar tool sets and wine aerators. [read more]

Masculine Interiors

Masculine design doesn’t mean rough or un-evolved. Sure, men can be seen as lazy and having quirks and bro-like idiosyncrasies, but that doesn’t mean men can’t live in style. In fact, it’s these qualities that make masculine interior design often spectacular and surprising in its depth and creativity. Men live in the world of the productive, efficient, and the practical, but there is no rule that says it can’t be soft, creative, and beautiful, too. That said, when discussing masculine interior design, restraint is key. It can be a fine line between masculine elegance and frat house cheesy. Here are some basic tips every man should know about decorating in order to maintain just the right amount…[read more]

Outdoor Living

Creating the perfect outdoor living area can be difficult and expensive, but by far one of the most rewarding endeavors you can undertake. Whether you are single and living urban or have eight kids and have a house out in the suburbs or country, the right outdoor living space can be the perfect extension of the home you’ve tried so hard to create, and will definitely be where you want to spend most of your time with friends and family. You can do it, and we’re here to help with some keys to finding or creating your perfect outdoor living space for entertaining or simply relaxing with the sights and sounds of your own personal environment…[read more]

The Curated Home - Cabin in the Woods

Deep in the forest, along a path few know, a cabin sits between the redwoods. It may look small compared to the towering trees, but inside it is spacious and airy. Its minimal design concept allows you to focus on the view through floor-to-ceiling glass windows which let in floods of sunlight, illuminating the sharp and thin silhouettes of a wooden chair and table. A clean-lined, charcoal gray sofa offers guests a place to lounge, socialize, or read as flames in a contemporary cement fireplace warm you. This contemporary cabin has let nature inspire its designs, introducing rustic materials in modern shapes and textures, and it’s the ideal space in which to enjoy the immeasurable beauty of the redwoods…[read more]

Blueberry Martini Recipe

Create the perfect Blueberry Martini with Earth Gear’s step-by-step instructions…[read more]

The Lemon Drop Martini

A refreshing, sour yet sweet Martini for those summer afternoons on the deck…..(read more)

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