Earth Tone Decor

Incorporating earth tone decor into a space provides a comforting and timeless environment and it’s also the perfect way to keep your home feeling warm and inviting as the temperature gets cooler outside. Bring in the colors of nature indoors with a palette consisting of natural browns, warm grays, shades of tan and crème, as well as muted greens and pale yellow. A great approach used by interior designers is to use multiple shades of earth tones that run from light to dark while also introducing diversity in pattern and texture.

Nature provides us with everything we need to entice our five senses. The fragrance of a pine forest, the soft feel of a mountain breeze, the sound of a spring awakening, the taste of ice cold glacial stream water, and the beautiful sight of it all combined. The warmth and peacefulness of nature comes from the simple pure beauty of it all. The richness of Earth Tone colors brings a sense of comfort and belonging. When you incorporate these tones into your home you create a space that will calm the trials of your day. It brings nature into your home and it will entice the five senses as if you where standing on a mountain trail.