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Amalfi Coast Italy

Positano Amalfi Coast Campania Italy Not many seashores claim the kind of prestige enjoyed by Italy’s Amalfi Coast, the Sorrentine Peninsula’s southern riviera along the Tyrrhenian Sea. Dreamlike towns—Positano, Amalfi, Ravella—drape themselves over sharply plunging slopes; tawny beaches shimmer in cliff-walled coves; shady lemon groves make a hillwalker’s mouth water for a little post-ramble taste [...]

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Camping Glacier National Park

Camping Glacier National Park Information Camping Glacier National Park; Glacier National Park, together with the adjacent (and smaller) Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta, encompasses some of the most gorgeous mountain scenery in North America. The heart of the so-called "Crown of the Continent" ecosystem in the Northern Rockies, one of the most pristine and [...]

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Building Core & Leg Strength

Guide to Building Core & Leg Strength Imagine walking 30 miles over a few days. No big deal, right? Now imagine walking 30 miles over a few days, with 30 pounds on your back. That’s backpacking. There is nothing more peaceful than carrying everything you need on your back and just heading out to [...]

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Cardio Training for Hiking

Useful Tips for Cardio Training for Hiking Hiking is one of the few outdoor activities that nearly everyone can do and only requires that you get out and try. Hiking makes everything better. It helps your blood pressure and lowers your risk of heart disease. Hiking helps you build strength, improves balance, [...]

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Nutritional Balance While Training

The Importance of Nutritional Balance While Training Nutritional balance means your diet consists of the right number of calories and mix of nutrients needed to sustain your activity. Ideally, balance is hit when you get all the nutrition you need without eating more calories than you need. How do you know if you’re in [...]

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Grand Canyon Camping

Experience the Thrill of Grand Canyon Camping Grand Canyon Camping; The Grand Canyon of the Colorado River, the crowning landform of the breathtakingly scenic Colorado Plateau, ranks among the largest and most awe-inspiring gorges on the planet. The splendor here comes at all scales: from the bowl-you-over skyline of the ravaged chasm (revealing several [...]

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Curated Style: Cabin in the Woods

Cabin in the Redwoods Deep in the forest, along a path few know, a cabin sits between the redwoods. It may look small compared to the towering trees, but inside it is spacious and airy. Its minimal design concept allows you to focus on the view through floor-to-ceiling glass windows which let in floods [...]

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