Experiencing Joshua Tree National Park

Experiencing Joshua Tree National Park A few years ago while on vacation in Palm Desert, we made the decision to go for a drive and explore the surrounding area outside of the somewhat busy city. We had viewed photos of a mysterious place situated about 30 minutes north of Palm [...]

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Camping Glacier National Park

Camping Glacier National Park Information Camping Glacier National Park; Glacier National Park, together with the adjacent (and smaller) Waterton Lakes National Park in Alberta, encompasses some of the most gorgeous mountain scenery in North America. The heart of the so-called "Crown of the Continent" ecosystem in the Northern Rockies, one of the most pristine and [...]

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Grand Canyon Camping

Experience the Thrill of Grand Canyon Camping Grand Canyon Camping; The Grand Canyon of the Colorado River, the crowning landform of the breathtakingly scenic Colorado Plateau, ranks among the largest and most awe-inspiring gorges on the planet. The splendor here comes at all scales: from the bowl-you-over skyline of the ravaged chasm (revealing several [...]

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Backcountry Technology

Outdoor Backcountry Technology: The Best in Outdoor Tech Outdoor Backcountry Technology: Some say they seek adventure in the outdoors to escape the trappings of technology, society, and the everyday. We get it. But in a way, advances in technology allow us to truly be free. Want to get lost? Only when we have [...]

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Choosing the Right Camera

Choosing The Right Camera to Capture Your Adventure If you believe in the old hiking and backpacking adage; take nothing but pictures, leave nothing but footprints, kill nothing but time, then you are a you are a trekker after our own heart. And you probably need a good camera. The worst feeling ever is [...]

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