Gifts For Men

Looking for gifts for men? Browse through a curated selection of gifts for men, including the perfect gift for the adventurous man, gifts for travelling, outdoor entertaining as well as the latest in men’s fashion.

Gifts For Adventurous Men

Browse from a selection of gifts for the man that enjoys hiking and camping. Earth Gear has provided some of the top gifts for the adventurous man who likes to explore the outdoors. Give him the tools to do it safely and not get lost. Or if he does get lost, he has a way of contacting you or someone else who can help. [See More]

Gifts For Travelling

He may be travelling for business or to Nepal for a trek to Everest Base Camp. Where ever he is going he will need the proper luggage. Earth Gear has put together a selection of gifts for men that travel. Carry on luggage, Duffel bags and suitcases from some of the top brands like Bric’s, The North Face, and Patagonia. [See More]

Winter Gifts For Men

Looking for winter gifts for men? Find a selection of gifts to help keep your man warm in the cold winter months. Earth Gear has put together some of the top Gloves, Blankets and Jackets, to make the perfect gifts.  From brands like North Face, Mountain Hardwear, and Pendleton. [See More]

Gifts For Outdoor Entertaining

When you’re thinking about what to get for that someone special who enjoys the outdoors and loves to entertain his friends and family. You should think about gifts for outdoor entertaining. Enjoy the aroma of a turkey slow cooking in a smoker as you sit back with your class of chardonnay. [See More]

Bushwack Hiking Tips

Bushwhackers reap many rewards. Cross-country ramblers often stumble upon stirring sights few human eyes have laid eyes upon: hidden waterfalls, secret wildflower glades, unknown old-growth groves, remote vantages with killer views. Going off-trail instantly deepens your awareness of the landscape, your appreciation of the terrain. Rock outcrops, huge toppled trees, bucking rapids, waist-high swards—landscape features a trail hiker might barely register become incredibly immediate, almost alive, to the bushwhacker, for whom they may be daunting obstacles. And bushwhackers can lose the crowds even in super-popular or pocket-size recreation areas…[read more]

Fall Hiking Gear

No offense to the other seasons, but Autumn is the best time to hike throughout much of the Northern Hemisphere. Fall hiking offers the most stunning views of colorful foliage and natural beauty on earth. Not only are there less people on the trails, with summer vacations ending, but there are often more wildlife sightings with animals coming down from the mountains for easier water sources and to bulk up on food before the long winter. Here is our advice on how to gear up and be ready for it all on your fall hikes. We have three words for you: Layers, layers and layers. Layering is the most important element when dealing with the elements…[read more]

Shop Gifts for the Well Dressed Man

Find the latest in men’s fashion, from micro-check shirts, knit bombers, classic navy sports coats, zip front sweaters, distressed denim to the modern flannel shirt. The Polo Ralph Lauren Men’s 2016 Collection celebrates the essence of Polo: iconic pieces that reflect the wearer’s full, expansive lifestyle – and his impeccable taste. This season’s top looks show the breadth of the brand that spans gentleman’s haberdashery to an adventurer’s outfitter. The offerings show a depth of modernity, understated ease, rugged mixed with refined, and a signature sense of cool. There is a thorough recognition of the art of dressing. Finding the perfect gift for this year’s Christmas season just got easy!

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