Earth Gear Guide to Masculine Interior Design

Masculine interior design doesn’t mean rough or un-evolved. Sure, men can be seen as lazy and having quirks and bro-like idiosyncrasies, but that doesn’t mean men can’t live in style. In fact, it’s these qualities that make masculine interior design often spectacular and surprising in its depth and creativity. Men live in the world of the productive, efficient, and the practical, but there is no rule that says it can’t be soft, creative, and beautiful, too.
That said, when discussing masculine interior design, restraint is key. It can be a fine line between masculine elegance and frat house cheesy. Here are some basic tips every man should know about decorating in order to maintain just the right amount of style and swankiness without making it look and feel – and probably smell – like a total man-cave.

Contemporary Loft - Masculine Interior

Masculine Interiors: The Basics

The masculine room design is all about comfort and practicality. Smart minimalism is key, with a focus on deep and rich colors, large and comfortable furnishings, strong materials, bold lines, and sharp – almost aggressive – details. Materials are critical. Rough stone, reclaimed wood, leather, wrought iron, and stainless steel are mixed and matched to create the feel of industrial functionality while adding warmth, comfort, and simple elegance.

Industrial Interior Design
Stylish Bachelor Pad

Masculine Interior Design & Color

It’s not all black and white. Deep and dark room colors are part of any masculine room design, and yes, the binary contrast can – like men – be simple and soothing. However, adding royal blue, forest green, or accents in purple, burgundy, or mocha look great in rooms designed to accent the masculine style. Finding the right balance between starkness and subtlety is an art form.

Rustic Masculine Living Room

Masculine Interiors: Accessorize

Believe it or not, a coffee table can be for more than feet and beer. This is counter-intuitive to most men, but believe it or not, some things can truly exist – and look good – just for show. A creative sculpture piece, rustic globe, or those treasured first editions that you’ve held onto to show people that you have some depth, may not have practical purposes anymore, but not only are these key design elements in the masculine home, but they’re yours, and make you feel at home, too. Who knows? Having them out may actually encourage you to re-read a book, too.

Don’t be scared of throw pillows. They aren’t just female torture devices. Dressing up the bed and sofa – but not overdoing it – is key to making your perch warm and comfortable while keeping the right level of manliness. Plus, pillows are one of the best ways to add a serious pop of some color.

Masculine Living Room Design
Masculine Interior - Apartment
Masculine Living Room - Masculine Interior

Young and Old

It’s not all about the new. Men are often victims of the trendy and current with their design. But adding some traditional, old and vintage elements can round out a space with class. Imagine a reclaimed wood coffee table or weathered leather-wrapped trunk. These can add that feel of warmth and depth to what can easily become a cold and industrial existence. Plus, adding these elements can give your domicile a timeless quality and keep you from needing to update every season when the new stuff comes out, not to mention offer creative opportunities to add some much needed stealthy storage.

Stacked Firewood

Go Green

Masculinity doesn’t always have to mean focusing on movies and games in which things die. It’s almost like we hate life sometimes. That’s simply not true. You can still keep your “dudeness” with some plant life around you. Adding tree in the corner, cactus on the coffee table, or bonsai on the mantle can create an element of peace and life in your existence. Want to go bold? Go grey-green with a fruitless olive tree or deep purple with Japanese maple.

Interior Design Ideas

You Get What You Pay For

Buy something nice once in awhile. I know. Frugality is an art form. You love that old fur-lined jean jacket that you’ve had since college. You feel a sense of pride in your thriftiness knowing that you’ve saved money by not having to buy something new. But with design, you should splurge sometimes. Buy a really nice chair, a quality accent rug, and swap out the old stock light fixtures with something elegant. Yeah, they cost, but you’ll be rewarded by the quality and aesthetic.

Masculine Rustic Living Room
Pearson Design Group
Rustic Living Room
Modern Dining Room
Bachelor Pad Ideas
Rustic and Masculine Room
Modern Mans Living Room

Art for Art’s Sake

Art is huge. As much as a blank wall can be fabulous in its minimalist essence – the beauty of what’s not there – the right piece of art creates style and encourages conversation. But don’t go crazy, and no Thomas Nagel! Just buy something legitimate. Attend a gallery showing. Find your style. Yes, colors, sizes and frames matter when developing the feel of the room, but the right piece by the right artist can exist in any space stylishly. If cash is tight, be creative. Source some vintage maps or pull some old album covers out of storage and frame them. Artists created them, too. Who knows? You might just find that perfect piece that encapsulates the essence of your soul.

Masculine Bedrooms

Masculine Bedroom Design
Ralph Lauren Black Palms Bedding Collection

Ralph Lauren Black Palms Spring 2016 Collection

The Black Palms Spring 2016 Collection is masculine, sophisticated and serene with modern teak and geometric patterns. Warm teak furniture, natural materials and patterned textiles in earth tones evoke calm and tranquility. This bedding collection was inspired by Ralph Lauren’s Montauk home and includes a rich palette of brown, black and white tones.

Learn More Here

Bachelor Pad Bedroom
Masculine Bedroom Ideas
Contemporary Masculine Bedroom
Masculine Bedroom Design Ideas
Masculine Bedroom

Stunning Masculine Bathroom

Modern Masculine Bathroom

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