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Creating perfect outdoor living areas can be difficult and expensive but by far one of the most rewarding endeavors you can undertake. Whether you are single and living urban or have eight kids and have a house out in the suburbs or country, the right outdoor living space can be the perfect extension of the home you’ve tried so hard to create, and will definitely be where you want to spend most of your time with friends and family.

You can do it, and we’re here to help with some keys to finding or creating your perfect outdoor living space for entertaining or simply relaxing with the sights and sounds of your own personal environment. If you’re looking at purchasing a new outdoor furniture set, barbecue, pool or hot tub, Wayfair really has the best selection at great prices. They carry virtually everything for the home. You can check out Earth Gears selection of beautiful patio furniture here.

Rustic Country Patio
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Mark Your Territory

You spent all our time looking for a house or apartment that had an open floor plan that gives you that sense of space, but that’s the last thing you want to do for outdoor living. An open floor plan outdoors is called a yard. You need to clearly define your space in order to give it a sense of structure and comfort. Rock walls, stone, lattice structures, and pavers work wonderfully, but so do well placed potted plants in a variety of shapes, colors and sizes. Setting up your outdoor “room” will make it feel so much more intimate and engaging, not to mention adding elements of natural beauty. For a colorful and creative touch, find an easy to clean outdoor rug to make the area truly feel like an extension of your home. For some inspiration on how to bring color and beauty into your outdoor space, see Earth Gears Outdoor Entertaining.

The Warmth of Candle Light

With the warmth of a fire and soft light illuminating your table. your guests will feel right at home. Bring the rustic feel of nature to your table with candle holders made from the natural elements of your surroundings.

Have a Seat

There are so many options for outdoor seating nowadays. That’s a good thing, but it can be hard to choose what works. Just ask yourself a few questions. How many people do you want to accommodate? Do you ever want to lie down out there? Will it be protected from sun, snow, and rain? Mixed materials are beautiful. Combining elements of wood and metal, as well as mixing chairs with loveseats or couches can make an elegant and inviting combination. Waterproofing is key if needed, and some throw pillows can add a blast of much-needed color and creativity.

Just don’t forget the coffee tables or end tables. You going to spend so much time out there and you’ll need plenty of space for your dining and drinking needs.

Contemporary Outdoor Patio
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Can You See Me Now?

Outdoor living is not just for summer when the days are long. Nor is it only for the daytime. So, you’re going to need lighting. Draping soft string lights from the ceiling can give you the feeling of being on a Tuscan vineyard. A reclaimed wood chandelier and wrought iron fixtures can be masculine and elegant at the same time. Glass hurricane vases with battery-powered candles can make the whole space seem wonderfully intimate. But to achieve that evergreen ambiance, get yourself some solar powered path lights and stake them directly into plant containers. They get their power from the sun during the day and throw brilliant indirect and diffused light at night, with no wires or electricity needed.

Rustic Outdoor Seating Area
Mountain Style Patio - Outdoor Living Areas

Get Cooking

We cook more outside than ever, and there is no reason not to. With the right planning, your outdoor kitchen can be just as creative and productive as your indoor one. Make a list of everything you want to do out there; grill, sauté, make pizza, whiz fresh hummus, pop corks, and blend margheritas. Get the right equipment, make sure you have enough electricity and BTU’s and definitely carve out space for prep, serving platters, and even fresh water, ice, and wash areas. Just make sure you have a clear path to your indoor kitchen as well so you can move between the spaces easily with your supplies.
Once you start thinking dining and bar space and shopping for tables and chairs, checkout counter-height or bar-height options so your guests can stand as well as sit. It’s stylish, comfortable, and able to handle more folks to handle your increased popularity as a result of your new found outdoor kitchen mastery.

Wayfair has a huge selection of gas and charcoal grills, as well smokers, kamado grills, outdoor pizza ovens, outdoor cookers and everything you need for an outdoor kitchen. The  84″ BBQ Island 4 Burner Gas Grill by Calflame is a great choice if you’re looking for a Stainless Steel Gas BBQ Grill.

Outdoor Garden Pool
Mediterranean Patio Design Ideas - Outdoor Living Area
Outdoor Fireplace - Outdoor Living Areas
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Jauregui Moroccan | Outdoor Deck Ideas

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Light My Fire

Outdoor fire pits are totally in vogue – or en vogue for you French country aficionados out there – and are key elements for creating that intimate outdoor feel, establishing a focal point in the space, and adding some needed warmth for cool summer nights. Depending on your area, you can go with a tabletop fire bowl, fire pit, chiminea, or build yourself a corner stone fireplace – that might just be able to double as a pizza oven if you want to. Many communities can have restrictions or bans on wood burning, so check out your local laws and research propane, lava rocks, or natural gas elements. Just remember one, all-important word: S’Mores.
You spend so much of your life indoors. Build yourself your dream outdoor living space and you might not want to go inside again.

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Jauregui Moroccan Outdoor Area
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Jauregui Moroccan Outdoor Area


Jauregui Moroccan Outdoor Area | Transitional French
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Jauregui Outdoors | Moroccan


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Jauregui Tuscan Transitional

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Jauregui Tuscan Transitional

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